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For example, the speed of https://coinbreakingnews.info/ is related to quantity of trading commissions on the platform, so these can be controlled to manage the rate of mining and reverse mining to benefit those maker trades. Also, reverse mining earnings are paid in real time, as opposed to standard mining earnings which are paid at the end of every hour. This is another market liquidity and trader safety measure that helps trader manage risk from high market volatility and price swings. As emphasized in the announcement, Bitmax is different from Line’s Singapore-based crypto exchange Bitbox, which operates globally, excluding Japan and the United States. Launched in July 2018, Bitbox is not accessible for Japanese traders due to Japan’s crypto exchange license requirements, as previously reported. Cybersecurity comprises technologies, processes, and controls designed to protect systems, networks, and data from cyber-attacks.


  • “0.001”, see below.When placing orders, you should comply with all criteria above.
  • The site has more than 190 trading pairs and 40 trading margin pairs.
  • It has then converted in a new visitors coming from Referral traffic and Organic Traffic.
  • When you proceed to this page, you see the list of professional traders with their stats.
  • Therefore it has much lower volatility compared to other pairs, making it the perfect instrument for multiple turnovers of any amount of funds with low risk of loss.
  • You won’t probably wish to copy trades of professionals whose return is negative.

Margin trading allows investors to buy cryptocurrency with leverage. For example, say you want to invest 100$ into Bitcoin with no margin. If the price increases by 10%, you could sell for a $10 profit.

Cash Account Balance

Needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. Cryptoslate.com needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. The verification code input field will no longer appear if you close the passcode reset screen before entering the verification code.

Staking on the AscendEX platform helps the investors/traders earn industry-leading staking returns. The validators earn a reward by adding verifying transactions and adding blocks to the blockchain. Undoubtedly, to buy/sell/trade on the exchange, you need to have a verified account. The platform has a web version and a mobile application and we will provide instructions on how to register on both.

trading volume

At bitmaxonline.com traders can find a well-rounded concept – the latest trading technology, a great variety of cryptos, and individual professional advice provided by a team of professionals. Everything circles around the platform, as the brand integrated multiple functionalities, including deposit/withdrawal requests, account management, and asset alerts. This brand is all about crypto trading that is why the crypto offer is so competitive. On top of that, all the other features available are tailored for this market and are designed to serve customers 24/7. BitMax.io has partnered with Simplex, an EU-licensed payment processing company to provide credit/debit card payment solution on its platform. Through Simplex, users can now easily buy digital assets with just a credit or debit card .

In June 2019, Line Pay Corporation, Line’s financial top vpn protocols explaineds arm, teamed up with global payment giant Visa to collaborate on new blockchain and electronic payments solutions. The exchange offers crypto-to-crypto trading of 36 coins in 72 pairs with three markets . Following the latest trend, BitMax employs a transaction mining model providing 100% of trading fee reimbursement in BTMX .

Deleting your LINE BITMAX Wallet account while still holding digital assets will relinquish your ownership of those assets. Any relinquished digital assets will belong to LINE Xenesis Corporation. However, you can always contact customer support and propose your case to analyze the total suspension of your account. Once the loan is obtained depending on the cryptocurrency that we are trading, we can decide what percentage of these funds we are going to involve in the order. When the trade is running, we can decide to buy or sell part of the order , so we would be alleviating part of the leverage. To place orders in long or short you must request a loan in the currency you want to buy/sell, then you must pay the amount of the debt and keep the benefits obtained from the price variations.

Industry Leading Security

The range of creative and modern trading tools designed to help consumers become acquainted with crypto-currency trading ensures stability, clarity, and reliability. BitMax uses a 3-story KYC system, and employees track artificial intelligence trading trends concerning its security. BitMax seeks to set up an autonomous network and a new kind of economic freedom policy using blockchain technology.

Ascendex supports payments in fiat currency through debit and credit card, since the platform is licensed by the EU. Users will be able to buy cryptocurrencies using USD and EUR. BXMT does not work with PoW , which means it cannot be mined.

If you wish to convert one cryptocurrency to another instantly you can use the Convert feature that can be accessed in the Trade section of the main menu. Converting is free of fees, however, it is not clear what is the basis of the conversion rates, so there is a chance that the fees are hidden. Nevertheless, it’s up to you to check if the rates are good enough for you.

A BitMax exchange review also reveals that they offer access to various cryptocurrency pairs. A blockchain-driven user-based value exchange system that enables improved efficiency, when it comes to organizational cooperation, seems to be at the heart of BitMax’s vision. Bitcoin, Ether, Tether, XRP, and other “large market cap assets” are cheaper to trade — takers and makers are charged only 0.1% per trade. Many popular exchanges (e.g. Binance, HitBTC, etc) charge only 0.1% per trade or less and provide fee discounts for active traders. AscendEX offers numerous crypto-to-crypto pairs, spot, margin, and futures trading with a highly secured platform, and low fees. It is perfect for both beginners and experienced traders and helps them earn industry-leading yields via staking.


The reward/dividend is paid on a daily basis and returned to token holders in the form of the token which was used to pay the transaction fee. This could either be USDT, BTC or ETH etc and means you will be accumulating lots of different tokens each day. BitMax awards BTMX token holders with a “daily usage award” or dividend. The data usage reward awarded to token holders is 80% of net transaction fee revenues. We usually provide rich format errors based on these simple ones.

Ascendex Trading Fees in detail:

AscendEX plans to use the funds to support international growth. The company was founded in July 2018 as BitMax and relaunched with its current name in March. “AscendEX remains ahead of the curve by constantly innovating and offering unmet needs such as broad staking access and DeFi yield farming for retail investors.” Now, let’s see how the users’ money and information are protected on AscendEX . First, it’s important to activate 2-factor authentication which is not only supported on this exchange but is mandatory for all traders. You literally cannot start trading until your account is not protected by 2fa.

For margin trading, you must make sure you have sufficient max sellable amount to fund the order. You can obtain a list of all assets listed on the exchange through this API. For private data, such as open order, balance, we usually include accountId, and accountCategory value in top level of response. Added execution instruction to order messages (place new order, list open/historical orders). This field indicates if the order is Post-Only or forced liquidation .


When you enable 2fa, your account becomes nearly unreachable for those who don’t have your mobile device. Only the account owner’s device can generate the one-time password requested when you enter an account or try to withdraw funds. It is one of the core principles as well as one of the highlighting features of the platform. The high-performance trading platform supports real-time settlement and 24/hour trading operations with transparent transactions.

Please note that unfortunately, you won’t find indicators on this page. Start your crypto ascent here, with simple solutions to invest, trade, and earn for assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin. As one of the most comprehensive cryptocurrency tax software options on the market, we have import instructions for well over 400+ exchanges.

We cover BTC news related to bitcoin exchanges, bitcoin mining and price forecasts for various cryptocurrencies. NewsBTC is a cryptocurrency news service that covers bitcoin news today, technical analysis & forecasts for bitcoin price and other altcoins. Here at NewsBTC, we are dedicated to enlightening everyone about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Io’s trading models are designed for broad-based users and traders. Overall, several noteworthy points can be highlighted with respect to reverse mining and overall BitMax.io as a global trading platform.

Some Insights on How Cryptocurrency Payments Change E-Commerce

The newly launched Japanese exchange welcomes newcomers to crypto trading by allowing users to make small transactions of under 1,000 Japanese yen — worth around $9 at press time. Bitmax still has room for improvements when it comes to the educational resources provided to customers. As we have mentioned above, on the 25th of January BitMax was ranked 2nd, according to Coin Market Cap, for reported daily trading volume having conducted $976M in 24h trade volume.

Is leading the way in the mass market digital collectible space. Their app, VeVe, offers the most comprehensive digital collectible experience, with premium format 3D digital collectibles from the world’s leading brands. The OMI token underpins the economy of ECOMI Collect and is needed for the sale and purchase of digital collectibles and other digital goods within the VeVe App. Select where you want to send the digital asset or enter the recipient’s Wallet address.

0 for code and status Ack to indicate the batch order request is accepted by server. Field “info” includes server generated “coid” for each order in the batch request, and this is the id you should use for future status query. Response with code other than 0 and status Err to provide detailed error information on the order request.

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