Indatwa Dancers

Rwanda being the compatively tiny country it is, it is not every day her fine culture and traditions are to be found on display outside the country herself.

Having said that, Rwandan ex-pats inc. Ras Banamungu and dance group Indatwa did their homeland proud last weekend at Wanneroo’s regular International Festival.

Indatwa, introduced by rising star ‘Shakalakka du’ Ras Banamungu, put on an enchanting display of traditional dance and cultural costume. Their graceful arrangements captivating the large crowd and drawing loud applause in the warm evening scenario. An inherent smiling approach and elegant moves promoted a somewhat intense feeling of goodwill that was keenly felt as it flowed easily through the audience like incense in the temple. Entertainment to touch the spirit.

Ras Banamungu with Indatwa

Indatwa have also starred in Ras Banamungu’s latest video ‘My Sunshine’, and will also feature in his next one, the soon to be filmed ‘I in Need of Thee’. Also starring the very talented Cedella Sekalia and Dave Valvic on vocals.

Banamungu himself is going from strength to strength. His award-winning album ‘I am MessenJah’ is being played on radio stations all over the world. Along with that, his recent ‘My Sunshine’ video has gained well over 112,000 views in less than 6 weeks.

Indeed the ‘Laughing Rastaman’ has plenty to celebrate as his successful brainchild, ‘Laughter Percussion’ therapy has entered the mental health curriculum at Kalgoolie, Western Australia, and he has also been asked to perform at the Commonwealth Festival in Brisbane this coming March 9th . 2020 promises to be a big year for both the Indatwa dance group and Ras Banamungu and his Det-n-ators International.

No doubt we will see them in action again before too long. Their kind of joy-filled entertainment will always be welcomed anywhere.

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