Laughter Percussion: A new development in the treatment of mental illness and depression.

Musical therapist Ras Banamungu

Musical therapist Ras Banamungu, a survivor of the Rwanda genocide, has devoted his life to both music and also the ongoing treatment of those in need of mental comfort and reassurance. Starting out by working in orphanages and hospitals in and around Kigali, the Rwanda capital, he eventually teamed up in 2013 with an international team on a mercy mission to bring spiritual relief to heavily traumatized survivors.

Along with clay therapy, the main treatment taught, Banamungu also learned of laughter yoga and how well this unusual therapy lifted people out of the doldrums.

He eventually formed a strong bond of friendship with musician and teacher of God, Steve Dean, who was also on the international team and returned with him to Australia, where he now works as a support worker and artistic therapist at Kalgoolie.

Applying what he had learned about laughter yoga to his own musical skills and therapeutic insights gained during his career, Banamungu eventually announced his ‘Laughter Percussion’.


Recent sessions at Kalgoolie have been a runaway success and it is with this in mind, his friend and songwriting partner Steve Dean, now living in the USA, is making ready to introduce it there.

Watch this space for future news. It looks like it may make a very big splash.


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